Device trade-in overview

Our core capability to support our trade in partners

Competitive pricing

We provide competitive pricing across a wide range of devices through our device trading team who specialise in optimising the value of used devices.

Sales Channel Management

Our mobile application provides remote device assessment and instance price quote.

Additional Alchemy Options

Alchemy will collect, record,  triage and process all traded in devices.

Alchemy Diagnostics – Device identification

Streamlining the Mobile trade in experience

The Alchemy Diagnostics App automatically checks these details in the background, with no interaction needed from the user.

Eliminate confusing and unnecessary drop down lists and carrier questions.

Enable a larger list of trade-in devices, including tablets and gadgets by using our smart look up tech.


identifies the
make and model

memory capacity

IMEI number

confirms the
device powers up

checks the
battery condition

confirms the
device charges

Alchemy Diagnostics – Display damage

What we provide with minimal effort.

Our clever mirror test identifies the following five areas with minimal interaction from the user.

enclosure not physically damaged
device colour
touch test
User touches the screen and buttons to confirm they are working
LCD discoloration
LCD bleed
glass chipped or cracked

Alchemy Cloud – Data recovery

Device trade-in

Our mobile application assesses and values the device remotely and instantly

Unlock the value of your phone

Use the mobile app to assess your phone from anywhere to see how much your phone is worth. Our technology will identify and value your phone without the need for cumbersome drop down lists.

Alchemy can enable a range of options available for your customer to redeem their trade-in value; from monthly bill reductions to free devices and accessories.

Step 1

Assess your phone from anywhere with the mobile app’s trade-in test.

Perform all steps of the tests to determine the trade-in value of your phone.

Receive an instant valuation, accept or save for future use

Step 2

Trade-in your phone in store with the value stored in our app.


Request a prepaid satchel through the app and send your device to us

Step 3

Choose how to redeem your trade-in value. There’s many options available such as:

1 – Credit to your monthly phone bill

2 – Nothing upfront on a new smartphone

3 – Discounted accessories and more.

Example of high level customer journey


App Installation


Remote diagnostic


Device quotation


Device submission


In store or remote trade in


Customer payment

  • Customer installs trade-in app on their device remotely.
  • Customer performs a remote diagnostic of their device and prepares it for trade in:
    ✓ Validate identity of device
    ✓ Test key functionality and screen (device button test, screen test, battery test etc)
    ✓ Back up content
    ✓ Disable FMIP/iCloud lock
    ✓ Reset device
  • Based on the diagnostic a price quote is provided for the device, subject to final physical validation.Customer is then provided different views on what they can use the value of the trade in device for (call to action):
    ✓ Discount on VAS
    ✓ Discount on plan or device
    ✓ Accessory purchases
    ✓ Cash or credit
  • Customer can submit the device in store or remotely
  • In store with new: Customer can select to go in a store and trade in their device. The store staff will validate and confirm the device condition – through the mobile application on your device. A copy of proof of identity will be required.Remote trade: Customer receives the new device and a prepaid satchel to return their old device. Once the old device reaches us we will validate and confirm the device condition – through the mobile application on your device. A copy of proof of identity will be required.
  • Alchemy provides the cash or credit to their selected account or they can use their value towards purchasing partner products or services

Device trade-in metrics and reporting

Our trade in portal empowers store and employee level analytics
Alchemy collates transactional level data into intelligent source level reporting and empower our partners to use Trade-in to drive NPS, retain high level customers and acquire from rival carriers with aggressive and targeted offers

Our reporting can change the trade-in dynamic, enabling improved customer satisfaction metrics, and positioning specific offers to customers that greatly improve attach and positive spend rates.

Data Collection

Our trade in portal, combined with our integrated app, enables us to track core trade in data in real time.

Trades per store per day
Geographic / Demographics
Trade performance online vs retail
App conversion rates by device type
Device trades by model

Analytics & Reporting

We build and deliver insightful analytics from our programs, highlighting performance against our partners, and other industry best in class statistics.

Attach rate differentials by device
Recommendations for offer changes based on attach opportunities
Best in class performance by store / state / type

Training & Incentives

We work with our partner teams to design and deliver training to store level, using the program to deliver maximum value to the business.

Trade-in experts club provides expertise within every store.
Best store performers gain recognition and are showcased.
Trade-in included within partner incentive programs