Refurbishment’s challenges today

Refurbishment is becoming a real opportunity to mitigate the growing service costs

Partners need a lower cost to serve

  1. The OEM service proposition is still the reference
  2. Price pressures created from high grade A device costs
  3. Lower than expected yields drive up program costs further

There is a lack of trust in the quality of “Grade A” in the market

  1. The use of non-genuine parts has become prolific from many suppliers
  2. Grade A standards remain very different
  3. Processes and component sources are far from transparent

Clients are searching for a trustworthy partner

  1. Guaranteed quality, official components, reliable and timely service
  2. Clients look for partners to share their risk with
  3. Optimized cost base leads to greatly increased profitability


Our refurb solution

  • A credible partner to protect your reputation
  • Product knowledgeable
  • Flexible, competitive commercial model
  • Local & global infrastructure

We offer an alternative to the OEM service proposition

We offer high quality reverse & refurbishment services

We compete against poor quality / cheap refurbished products

we offer a fast & affordable service
that our clients can trust… whilst conforming to all OEM policies


We offer an improved customer experience solution

Genuine parts, the highest quality testing, guaranteed product, highly affordable


Optimal cost models to drive down overheads

Competitive pricing, creative solutions to make service affordable


We stand behind our quality of product and service

Quality guarantees, extended guarantee periods, reputational excellence.

The Final Product…

A reconditioned device to manufacturer specifications, using the highest quality components and processes.

How is the product engineered

An “As New” device tested to OEM specifications built to your expectations:

Deliver High Standard

Spare parts selection

  • Genuine spare parts – all category 1 parts: branded parts, display, battery …etc
  • Only replace the parts needed:1.Reuse (harvesting & optimization)
    2.Turnkey parts sourcing

Strong Quality process

  • Cosmetics quality closed to the OEM service proposition standard
  • Full unit functionality checks – 70 points done at 200%
  • Full battery test – charge and capacity

Meet your requirements

Ready to use

  • Client keeps it current process (grading & labelling)
  • Similar return process to the OEM service proposition
  • QC data provided to prove compliance

Simple to manage

  • Returned the inventory using your format to ease stock entry
  • Warranty return process built in

How does it work?

3 options

Repair your stock

Optimise your margin

Refurbish your own stock
15 days

-26% vs OEM
service proposition

Swap Program

Optimise your inventory

Swap your device with grade A refurbished stock
3 days process

-15% vs OEM
service proposition

Note: can be used to fulfil BER in Repair your stock


Optimize your arbitrage

Merge swap and repair to an optimum commercial model and inventory level

-20% vs OEM
service proposition

Enhancing the swap experience

Practical delivery in combining our solutions strengths

  • Swap replacement can be loaded with the Alchemy App for data protection and content transfer
  • Policy – IMEI match control
  • Transfer automatically data to the device covered
  • Opportunity to activate insurance on swap used device
  • Opportunity to harness existing device value through trade in program