ALCHEMY Device Remarketing Solutions

Alchemy operates flexible business models that can be matched to our partners needs

Pricing Intelligence Only

  • Teardown of current trade in service offering – evaluation and costing of trade in service
  • Audit of current device values outside of value of trade in offering
  • Benchmarking vs comparative US and global markets, wholesale, trade, consumer prices
  • Evaluation of proportion of final device sales values being achieved by partner
  • Target values – identification of gap between trade markets and partner offered pricing
  • Ongoing reporting of partner performance in market – establishment of used sales database

Sales Channel Management

  • Transparent management of sale of devices on behalf of partner
  • (Consumer Trade in solution itself continues to be managed by carrier or retailers selected operational partner)
  • Forecasting of projected sales values for 30/90/180 days on all products
  • Open book reporting on sales values achieved to all customers, segmenting of channels, geographies
  • Creation and management of full residual value database, index vs market

(Includes all elements of Pricing Intelligence Service)

Additional Alchemy Options

  • Immediate sale (allowing revenue recognition of devices by USC) to Alchemy to reduce TaT and AR to zero.
  • Guaranteed resale values for 30-120 days for select periods of time, often of interest in high period of volatility or where guaranteed revenue is optimal
  • Full program management options for complete trade in solution or device lease management.

Alchemy Pricing Intelligence clarifies the landscape and identifies the value tiers

Alchemy pricing intelligence services have been created to enable organizations with significant – major collection volume operations to understand the value that resides within their used device value chain.

Traditional trade in operations fund collection activities through closed book margins, typically offering a “free” service to the carrier / retailer whilst making undeclared margins across the entire program.

Additionally these trade in service providers typically only operate in the first sales cycle, selling devices that are then on sold to 3-5 additional trade parties before finally landing in a consumers arms

Initially designed to create distance from international trade restrictions and distribution agreements, centralized small sales teams and an established device flow between parties has consolidated the pattern of multiple trade sales and a resulting severe lack of channel depth.

The Alchemy team has extensive knowledge of the value chains and downstream sales channels involved

Alchemy pricing intelligence puts you in control and shines a light on the players, the prices and the profits

Alchemy sales management supports you with a hands on, open book approach to maximizing your device values